From New South Wales to Newcastle



Well, after nearly 9 months of planning, suitcases are close to being packed, checklists are nearly completed, and the calendar is actually showing March!

Susan & Elaine are doing their bit with rehearsals commencing and the PR campaign is underway. Everyone is counting down to the World Premiere of I Dreamed A

Dream - The Susan Boyle Musical in Newcastle UK on Tuesday 27th March.

I made the decision to attend the Musical in June

last year which was not long after the official announcement.  The attraction for deciding to travel halfway around the world to see a Musical was wanting to see Elaine C Smith (an experienced Scottish actress/performer) play Susan.  There was no certainty the Musical would come to Australia and even though there was no confirmation Susan would be in it, l realized l wanted to go. 

Two other fan friends from Keeping It Real (lyddieb & Joanne K both from the USA) had also decided to attend so our planning began in earnest.  We wanted to make the most of being in the UK so we decided to incorporate some travel after the Musical.  Travel guides, maps, websites have been poured over by the 3 of us since and decisions made. We are also looking forward to linking up with Bree, another close friend from the UK who will be joining us in Newcastle.

There was however a temporary halt in our travel plans (well, by me!) in October/November when it was announced Susan would be making her 1st trip to Australia to promote her 3rd album ‘Someone to Watch over Me’.  Sydney would be the base for her 6 day stay.

The buzz fans had when Susan was in Australia was incredible.  I was able to share the week with a number of Australian & New Zealand fans and after watching all of Susan’s appearances from the other side of the world for 2 ½ years on a computer screen, we were the ones experiencing the excitement of seeing Susan perform live.  A couple of weeks after Susan returned to the UK, the announcement was made that she would be performing in the finale of the Musical during its 11 week UK & Irish tour.  We had been hoping that Susan would be in the audience for the World Premiere, but to now know that she would be performing was such an unexpected thrill!  It was wonderful to see Susan perform live in my Country but to see Susan perform live in hers, well l can’t wait!

This is my 1st post in what is going to be a series of travel blogs by Lyddieb, JoanneK and myself whilst we’re in the UK. We hope to share with you the excitement of attending the World Premiere and everything associated with it before we head off on our road trip to take in the sights, sounds, history & culture of England & Scotland.  Parts of our road trip are planned but other parts will be where the road takes us!

It’s only a few days now till departure and excitement levels are building. Fans are flying into Newcastle from all over the world.  I still can’t quite believe l’m one of them!  See you in Newcastle!


Day 1 Arriving in Newcastle

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From New Hampshire to Newcastle

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